In today’s world it is very important to be aware of the other countries and cultures and breaking the stereotypes set which is the main point of our project. We want our pupils to gain a cultural awareness and tolerance, to avoid stereotypes, to discover new lifestyles, so to broad their minds about the external world. It is expected that students will be more tolerant to the differences and foreign cultures that is why the name of our project is ‘ Differences are the wealth for the world!’. The cooperation among partners give them the opportunity to explore each other’s country, culture, lifestyle. Exchanging information throughout the project will give opportunity to students discover the social, economical, cultural diversity of the partner countries and understanding each other well. All of the activities are prepared to improve mutual understanding, to encourage students learn the external world. It is also an opportunity for students and teachers to use English in real context.

sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2014

Calendar by Portuguese traditions

By students from Portugal, Escola Básica Nº 1 de Manteigas ( Sameiro).
We can also listen to the song " O Pastor"( The Shepherd ) of  portuguese group Madredeus

quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2014

NORWAY,by Lucas Gonçalves Portuguese student

Poland,by Luis Afonso a portuguese student (work for Geography)

School in TURKEY

Photos by Zhera, our comenius official photographer ( Turkey)
Video by Kamila our  Polish  "filmmaker"

What have we learnt from the project? by POLAND

Gallery of events- POLAND Nov 2014-May 2014

My school my homeland by BULGARIA

TURKEY- this is our country!

NORWAY - meet our country and school

TURKEY by RODRIGO portuguese student ( work for Geography)

Comenius Project: Work for the subject of Geography